Summer Week 4 - WB: 11/05/2020

Monday: Today’s daily dojo challenge was all about stones. On their walk today or in their garden we asked our families to have a hunt for stones and let their imagination run wild. They could paint them, make them into towers, use them for art or even create stories with them. The possibilities are endless and we loved seeing what they came up with. 
Tuesday: Today’s dojo challenge was to make a sock puppet. We suggested giving their sock puppet a name. Could they tell a story with their new puppet?What fab creations! 
Wednesday:  Today we wanted for our families to get creative with their camera. We suggested to go on a scavenger hunt with their family to photograph the suggested list of things and see how many they could find and take a photo of. They could be indoors or outside and they could be as creative as they liked. Great effort! 
Thursday: Today's Challenge was to make a mini-beast out of a toilet tube. All they needed to do was paint the tube and paint some cardboard or paper for the wings. Didn't they do well?
Friday: We have been inspired by Joe Wicks and his daily PE lessons. So today’s dojo challenge was to create their own exercise course! They could do star jumps, sit ups or even a hopping race! We suggested they challenge their family and let us know how it goes with photos of their course!