Staff Videos to bring a smile

Happy Easter: Whilst working from home the staff wanted to bring a smile to all our families faces and wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Keep safe 

Clap for carers: We are very thankful for all our key workers so wanted to include all our community in the weekly clap for carers event. 
Keep Smiling, the COVID 19 story: At Grange View we are always trying to keep our staff, pupils and their families smiling. Staying positive in these challenging times is so important. Te staff and governors collaborated together to create this fun video to hopefully put a smile on your face. Enjoy and stay safe everyone! 
Throwback Thursday - Class of 2019:
At this time it is often a busy time of year in KS2 preparing our Year 4s for their leaving celebrations. So we thought each week we would have a throwback to the past and share some of their videos. Hope it brings a smile to your face. 
Throwback Thursday - Class of 2018:
Here is another of our Year 4 leavers music videos - great memories from making this one. Its scary to think that this cohort should have been doing their Year 6 SATs last month! 
Throwback Thursday - Class of 2017:
Here is another of our Year 4 leavers music videos - this one was so much fun There faces wearing the troll hair!!!! The video was troll-tastic. :)
Throwback Thursday - Class of 2016.
This was one of our first leavers music videos - such fun making. Certainly the pleasure of pushing the staff and siblings off the wall was a memorable highlight. Jess Glynne had such fun doing it on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway which gave us all the video. Hope you enjoy - can't believe this was 4 years ago!
The Class of 2021
It was such a shame that due to COVID lockdown we were unable to film our annual music video with the Year 4s for the end of their leavers film so we were super excited to create one again this year. Here is our version of 'Giants' hope you like it :)