Spring Week 2 - WB 11/01/21

Monday 11th January
Little Inventors - Can you invent something that helps in you in the morning?
Todays challenge was to invent something that helps you get ready in the morning. We had a variety of brilliant ideas from machines that make your packed lunches or wardrobes that dress you for the day! Take a look at the fantastic drawings!
Tuesday 12th January
Intriguing Ice
The children were given the challenge of freezing different liquids and investigating what happened. They were asked to make some predictions and then let us know what happened to their liquids. We had some brilliant ideas and some extremely inventive liquids were chosen to be frozen! Take a look at the photos of what happened! 
Wednesday 13th January
Life Skills - Helping with the laundry
Today the children were challenged to help out their adults at home! They could pop the washing into the machine setting it off for a cycle. Or they could help with the drying and folding of the laundry. Lots of the children really took to this challenge and I think the parents particularly enjoyed it too!
Thursday 14th January
Art - Making a card
The challenge today was to make a card and thank someone for what they had been doing. It could be to the adult in their house that has been helping them with remote learning or a sibling that has been playing with them. We had some lovely photos sent in with some really special messages inside.

Friday 15th January

Nature- I Spy

Can you go on a walk (or look out the window) with a cardboard tube and look through it to see what you can see? Does it help you focus on certain/smaller areas? What nature can you spot? Are there any birds about? What do the plants and trees look like? Share what you can see with someone in your house. Can they spot those things too?