Spring Week 5 - WB 01/02/21

Monday 1st February
Little Inventors - Memory Lane
Today our daily dojo challenge was to invent something that you could re-watch your memories in. We had lots of ideas, such as VR headsets or full machines that you step inside! Take a look.
Tuesday 2nd February
Science - Spot the raw egg
The children were challenged to take part in an at home STEM project, which uses science to spot a raw egg next to a hard boiled egg. Take a look at the photos that were sent in!
Wednesday 3rd February
Life Skills - Washing the dishes
Today the children were challenge to learn a new life skill - washing the dishes! They were asked to help out and either do the dishes by hand or load them into the dishwasher. Look at all the happy faces - it must be a fun chore!
Thursday 4th February
Art - Origami Fish
Today the children were asked to follow a simple video to make their own origami fish! Afterward they could decorate them however they wished! We have some brilliant fish sent in to us!
Friday 5th February
Nature - Landscape
The children were tasked with creating a landscape using any art form they wished.  They could draw, paint or even make it 3D. This is what we got - aren't they brilliant?