Summer Week 7 - WB: 08/06/2020

Tomorrow is National Empathy Day
Monday: Mondays are always difficult as many of us return to work after the weekend spent at home. Today let’s do a kind deed- do something meaningful! Could you make a card, send a message or even deliver a gift to let someone you love know how much they mean to you? If you have already done a lovely, kind deed could you tell us about it. Cathy in the library is hoping to share them with the library.
Tuesday: Let’s get crafty! Why not make a funky, designed book mark to use in your favourite book. What characters and settings would you draw on it? Or are you going to use some jazzy colourful patterns? Here are their pictures of their book mark and favourite book.
Wednesday: A fun craft that always keeps children entertained is making an aeroplane. What can you do to make sure it flies really far? Can you adapt the design to make it faster or fly further? What patterns and colours would you use? Check out this link for a useful tutorial on how to make one and have a competition in the family.
Thursday: We are now in week 12 of lockdown, spending a lot of quality time with our families. Using chalk, could you draw around a family member and they around you. Write within it things you love and notice about them and they can do the same for you. How lovely it will be to read kind things about each other – if you don’t have chalk you could always do it on paper drawing a picture.
Friday: It's nearly the weekend! What would you have normally been doing if it wasn't lockdown....cinema? shopping? bowling? So we thought with such miserable weather why not make your own indoor bowling - collect some cups and a ball and see if you can get a strike!