Spring Week 6 - WB 08/02/21

Monday 8th February
Little Inventors - Sweet Dreams
Today the children were challenged to invent a machine that makes them go to sleep happy. Some created full machines that you sleep in and others created eye masks that help you sleep happy. Check out the amazing designs! 
Tuesday 9th February
Science - Boat making
The children were given the challenge of making a boat for todays task. They could make it out of anything they wanted but they had to test to see if it floated! Some even managed to hold various items. The children did a fantastic job and we had so many different designs!
Wednesday 10th February
Life Skills - Star Baker
Today our challenge was to get baking at home! The children could make cookies, cakes or anything they fancied! And they wowed us with their skills! All the goods looked delicious!
Thursday 11th February
Art - Chinese New Year
To celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow the children were asked to create / draw an ox - which is the animal for the year. We have some very creative children who made masks, paper plates and brilliant drawings!
Friday 12th February
Nature - Snow fun and scavenger hunts
As we had so much snow over the past few days, the children were asked to go outside and play in the snow. They could also have a nature scavenger hunt if they wanted too.