Summer Week 3 - VE DAY THEMED - WB: 04/05/2020

Monday: Friday the 8th of May is the 75th Anniversary of VE day and in preparation for that, this weeks challenge will have a royal tea party theme. Today we asked our families to create and craft their own crown. It could be as fancy and special as they liked. Didn't they do well?
Tuesday: Today, to continue our VE day celebrations, we asked our families to create some celebratory bunting. This is a series of colourful triangles that can include patterns and words. It was up to them how creative they got with their design and they could use different materials. We suggested they could use old books, newspapers, magazines or even old clothes cut into triangles! Most importantly they certainly had fun! 
Wednesday: To continue preparing for our VE Day celebration on Friday, Today’s Dojo challenge was to write a little quiz about Europe. The children could test their family and send it to their teachers to test too! How many can you answer?
Thursday: Today's Challenge was to get baking in preparation for VE Day. It could be anything such as scones, cakes or pies.
Friday: Today is VE Day! We asked our families to join in with all the suggested  activities using all the bits they had prepared this week. This included a 2 minute silence, listening to Winston Churchill's speech, having an afternoon tea and celebrating.