Spring Week 1 - WB 04/01/21

Tuesday 5th January
Paper Aeroplanes
To get us back into the swing of remote learning the children were asked to investigate paper aeroplanes. They were given a video to watch and follow to make their aeroplanes, but then they were challenged to improve their aeroplane and see if they could make it go further by changing the design, material or size! So many children across the school joined in which was great to see! Here are some of their aeroplane designs!
Wednesday 6th January
Making a meal
The children were invited to help make a meal for their family at home. The children really enjoyed this task, making their own sandwiches at lunch or even cooking full meals at tea time! Take a look at the brilliant photos that were sent in!
Thursday 7th January
Making a bookmark
Children were invited to make their own bookmark to help them with their reading at home. The children got really creative with this task and we received some wonderful photos of their brilliant bookmarks, which came in all shapes and sizes! 
Friday 8th January
Memory Game
The children were invited to go on a walk in their local area or take a look in their garden for items they would find in nature - such as twigs, sticks and rocks. They were then challenged to play the memory game, where you place all the items in a group, close your eyes and have someone remove one item for you to then guess what it was! Here are the children who took part with the memory game!