Week 1 - WB: 23/03/2020

We have been extremely proud of how well all our lovely families have taken part with their online learning and daily dojo challenges. Please have a peruse of the great work that has been taking place over the past few weeks. 

Each day the staff have taken turns to set Daily Dojo challenges for the children to complete at home and send in. During the first week of home learning the children were asked to:

Monday: Create a rainbow to display in their home to bring home to those passing by
Tuesday:  Create a reading den to share a book in 
Wednesday: What is electric? This challenge was a STEM task. Children had to make a list (or draw) everything in their house that uses electric!
Thursday: The children were asked to get involved in preparing, cooking and washing up! 
Friday: This was all about having fun in the sun: Create a scangever hunt and then send your children into the garden/yard to find everything. You can add as much as you like and adapt it to what is in your garden.