Spring Week 3 - WB 18/01/21

Monday 18th January
Little Inventors - Octopants
Todays challenge was creative and funny. The children were tasked with designing an item of clothing for a sea creature, and wow did they impress us! Take a look a the variety of different animals and designs the children came up with!
Tuesday 19th January
Science - Where does my food come from?
Today the children were given the task to investigate where their food came from. We had some brilliant facts and even some videos returned to us, all about where their food came from!
Wednesday 20th January
Life Skills - Cleaning!
Wow, what a popular task! The children were challenged to help out around the house by doing some of the cleaning. This could be the dishes, hoovering or dusting. So many children joined in, I bet there was a lot of happy parents and beautifully clean houses afterwards.
Thursday 21st January
Art - Buildings
The children were given the challenge of becoming architects today. They were asked to design and create a building, using any materials they had around the house. They did an amazing job creating their buildings!
Friday 22nd January
Nature - Mini Beast Hunt
Today the children were asked to wrap up warm and go for a walk in their local area, or just pop into the garden and see what mini beasts they could find!