Modern Foreign Languages

Intent for MFL

Our aim is to provide high quality MFL education which equips children to develop oracy skills and understand different cultures and societies regardless of their starting points in life. At Grange View we expose our pupils to French, building their simple conversational language to communicate with others outside of their community. We want our children to be able to operate in the 21st century using their transferable language learning strategies and inclusive attitudes.

It is important for the children to understand that the world that they live in is vibrant and full of lots of different communities. As we believe it is important for the children to learn about other cultures and communities through MFL, we celebrate the European Day of Languages annually. Through this, the children learn about the language, culture and lifestyle of these countries.

 Important Documents for MFL

Useful websites and  resources

BBC Bitesize French


KS2 French BBC



Enjoying Languages at Grange View

Every year on the 26th September we celebrate European Languages Day. This academic year we focused on Spain. The children enjoyed trying different foods, learning a dance and about the culture and language of the country.