Willow Class (Year 4)

Welcome to Willow Class
Willow Class is a Year 4 class. Mrs Chapman is the class teacher. They have support from our teaching assistant Mrs Cessford. 
On Wednesday afternoons, Mrs Cessford takes them swimming whilst the class teacher has their PPA time. 
Willow Class
Our weekly timetable is as follows:
MOLNDAY: NEW PE DAY, children should come to school in their PE kits.
TUESDAY -  we have a forest school session in the afternoon so wellies are needed in school.
WEDNESDAY - Year 4 go swimming in the afternoon and should bring their swimming kits with them to change at Morpeth.
THURSDAY - reading books are taken in and changed and reading is logged for the reading ladder.
FRIDAY - We go to the library, reading books come home and spellings are completed and reset. 
Welcome to Willow Class
What we have been up to throughout the year:

AFRICAN ARTS WEEK – WB: 11th September

What a wonderful time we have had this week developing our Art skills to display in an exhibition at the end of the week. We started by working with artist Katherine Renton to create our own pinch pots out of clay. We had to use the blending technique to attach the neck, ears, antenna, legs and tail on after we had moulded the pot. Once it was dry, we gave the pots a PVA coating, then painted them white before applying our training on mixing tints to give our giraffes our preferred shade of yellow. We practised fine line drawing with the paintbrushes and added the patterns. Meanwhile in class, we learnt about Edward Tinga Tinga, we learnt about the artist, explored contrasting colours and then made careful observations to draw and paint our own Tinga Tinga inspired elephant art work. For the patterned border we reapplied our fine line drawing to make intricate contrasting colour patterns.

EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES  - Tuesday 26th September 
This year for EDL we focussed on Germany. The children started by listening to a letter from a German boy Johann who explained about what a typical day may be like for him. They discussed what they had learnt and recorded these facts in a concept map. Later they watched a range of information videos and added additional facts to their plan, presenting the facts they have learn on canva in a presentation. Also through the day they listened to the animated story of Little Red Riding in German, tasted German food, learnt a show hitting dance and took part in a quiz as a school at the end of the day. 
HANCOCK AND QUAYSIDE VISIT  - Thursday 16th November 
We had an action packed day in Newcastle to support our curriculum. We started at the Hancock, reinforcing their work on the stone age. The museum provided two resource cases including fossils and a stone age village discovery near by in Low Hauxley (which we helped with nearly ten years ago). After exploring the museum a little such as the animals, Romans and Egyptians we headed to the quayside. Firstly, we travelled over the millennium bridge and viewed al the bridges and mega structures from the impressive viewing platform. We then went to look at the Bessie Surtees building, making comparisons to when we did Tudor buildings in KS1 as part of our Great Fire of London topic. Finally, after heading over the swing ridge we marvelled at the impressiveness of the glasshouse. It was an exhausting but truly impressive trip. 
DT Project - Kite making 
Throughout the term the children have been learning all about how a kite is made. To start the children looked at a  range of kites, identifying similarities and differences. They listened to a story about the first man to invent the bridge over Niagara Falls inspired by a kite competition. Later they then learnt about the parts of a kite and the different shapes they can be. Once they knew all the features of a kite they designed their own, considering the materials, fixing techniques, shape and elements that would need to be included. Working individually but also supporting each other they created their own kites by following the plans and evaluated throughout the process. Finally, on the last day of term, it was super windy and they flew their kites. They has a great time! 
Christmas Fun!
The children have had an action packed couple of weeks with lots of festive fun! They were amazing in the lead roles for our Nativity performance - 'It's  a Midwife Crisis!' They also visited the panto at Whitley bay, had a scrumptious Christmas dinner and on the last day of term - enjoyed a disco. 
Tuesday 23rd January - First Aid Training 
We were very pleased to have a visit from Ashleigh at Northern Training Partnership Limited to teach the children about first aid and how to stay safe in an emergency. They discussed the importance of knowing their address and which trusted adult they would run to in emergency. They talked through the acronym DRAB, knowing to check for danger, ensure the person is responding, clear airways and help with breathing. They practiced putting each other in the recovery position and CPR techniques. 
Tuesday 6th September - Tortilla making 
This term we have been learning lots about healthy eating, food groups, food labels and all elements of nutrition. To link to our Mayan topic, the children designed and made their own healthy tortilla recipe which they used their DT skills to grate, slice and chop the ingredients to make and then evaluate their creations, 
Friday 16th February - Mayan life 
To conclude our learning this term on the Mayans, the children did their own self led research that they presented on Canva during their big write time. They completed a series of kahoot quizzes in teams to answer questions about food groups in science and the ancient Mayan civilisation for history. Then in the afternoon, they had a go at perfecting the skill of the ball game pok-a-tok, finding it a challenge to pass the ball only using their elbows, hips and knees. They also tried traditional Mayan hot cholate, flavoured with chilli and cinnamon, it wasn't hit with all :)