Summer Week 9 - WB: 22/06/2020

Monday: Brilliant bodies This week would have been STEM week in school (Science Engineering Technology and Maths) so we thought we would give you some fun experiments to do at home. Try testing your body by seeing how long you can balance for or make a re-action tester to see how good your reactions are. Download a reaction tester here.
Tuesday: Keeping cold drinks cold Which cup is best at keeping your cold drink cold in the summer? A glass, a mug or a plastic cup? Place an ice-cube in your drink and see which one stays frozen the longest. What other cups could you test?
Wednesday: Natural art Collect a few leaves or petals from your garden. Place them between 2 pieces of paper or a piece of spare white material. Using a stone bash the leaves and petals through the paper. When you open up the paper or material what do you see?
Thursday: Using your senses Put some objects, such as a hairbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a packet of biscuits, an ice cream scoop, a packet of tissues and a wooden spoon into a bag. You will also need something to act as a blindfold. Use your senses to feel what is on the bag. Play with a partner and see who guesses most of the objects.
Friday: World’s tallest tower In 2020 the new world’s largest tower will be the Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia. It will have 200 floors and will the reach 1008 meters high.
Use scrap paper and junk box materials to build a tower or building blocks. You might like to search for photos of the ‘Jeddah Tower’ to help you with your design.
What is the tallest tower you can build?