Summer Week 8 - WB: 15/06/2020

Monday: Medicspot is calling all Grange View Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing. Find out how you can enter and win £500 for Grange View Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School here: A few ideas include making a poster, filming a video, recording a song, doing a science experiment or writing a poem about handwashing.
Tuesday: Let’s make a Bird Kebab! No, no, not kebabs made out of birds! Create a yummy kebab, hang it up outside, and hang on for your feathered friends to come flocking for lunch. It could include hard cheese, bread, apples and raisins. Have a look at the website for a step by step guide or why not make a speedy bird cake, a recycled bird feeder or assemble an apple bird feeder. You’ll have loads of birds to see in your garden through the week.
Wednesday: Pitch-up and get a taste for the night life! What could be more exciting than a night under the stars? Sleeping outside can be thrilling. You’ll hear night-time sounds that you don’t notice from indoors. You’ll see stars, planets, satellites, planes and - if you’re lucky - shooting stars! And you’ll notice all kinds of wildlife that wakes up when it gets dark.

You could camp in a tent, under a blanket or even on a trampoline! Stay out for the whole night, or try just a few hours during the day and experience nature– it’s up to you. This task is in partnership with the RSPB to promote bird watching and a love of nature. If you can’t camp outside, why not make a den inside and still enjoy nature until bedtime, we were so excited about this task – so though we would still set it despite the cloud, desperately hoping it will clear up. For more ideas check out

Thursday: It’s raining. It’s pouring and not the best of weather today. Did you know Meteorologists (weather scientists) measure the speed and direction of wind using instruments called anemometers? A simpler instrument is a windsock. Discover how to make one, and also how to measure rain with a simple gauge. If you enjoy this why not have a go at making fog or a lightning storm as well.
Friday: It’s our virtual sports day today taking part in the  Northumberland, Tyne & Wear Virtual School Games. There was a number of different challenges going live on their YouTube channel across the day, led by local sports coaches. The running order was as follows;
10:00am Opening ceremony
10.15am Good luck messages
10.30am Fitness
11.00am Ball skills with Cramlington United and Andrew Cartwright Football Coaching
11.30am Cheerleading, Dance and Parkour
12.00pm Daily Mile
12.15pm Garden Games
12.30pm Lunchtime Mascot Challenge
1.00pm Ball Skills with Morpeth Hockey and Morpeth Cricket Clubs, and Cramlington Tennis Club
1.30pm Ball Skills with Newcastle Vikings Handball and Blyth RFC
2.00pm Yoga Challenge with Active Families NE
2.30pm Closing ceremony

We had lots of fun taking part in our pod/bubbles in school: 
Some lovely participation at home too. 
.....and some great mascot designs as well: