Summer Week 6 - WB: 01/06/2020

Monday: We have been contacted by Carly who is the Registered Manger of Age UK Northumberland. As part of their Mental Health Awareness strategy they would like our help to cheer their staff and older people up. We would like the children to write a poem, letter or draw pictures about what they have been up to so Age UK can give them our to cheer up their day. They will make sure all the children who so send in something receive a thank you and a little message from the older person. What a lovely way to help someone who is isolating.
Tuesday: After the rocket launch on Saturday, everyone is thinking about exploring space and being an astronaut. Could you recycle a box or bottle in your house to be your own model rocket? What features will the rocket have? Can you add any colours? If you are doing it with a family member – how is yours different to your siblings?
Wednesday: Everyone loves a good story, so why not tell it with puppets. Today’s task is to create shadow puppets to retell a traditional story or create your own, it could be scary, relaxing or exciting. You can share your pictures of the shadow puppets on here – looking forward to seeing what stories you recreate.
Thursday: This year the school council have been very keen to care for our environment, due to COVID 19 we didn’t get the chance to complete our litter pick so here’s their chance. When out exploring, you’ll probably see litter around the landscape. Litter picking is an excellent opportunity to understand how we can nurture a habitat for wildlife to flourish and how one person can make a big difference! Please send in your pictures of any litter picking you do and if home based why not make a poster to encourage picking up your litter.
Friday: It’s nearly the weekend so why create your own playlist of favourite songs and dance with your family. Who’s got the best moves? I wonder if there will be any classic Dad dance moves!