Summer Week 2 - WB: 27/04/2020

Monday: For today’s challenge we thought our families could have a little bit of fun playing a game of Spot the Difference. Miss Gray found this old aerial picture of the school from when she was at the school in the 1980s - underneath is a more recent picture off Google Maps. The children made a  list of the things that they could spot which are different. 
Tuesday: Today we thought our families could create either a set of binoculars, a squirrel or both using toilet roll tubes. We provided instructions and it was all with the intention of promoting the Scottish Red Squirrel Association.
Wednesday: Today's challenge while the weather was still decent was to go for a walk as a family and send in a picture. Can we work out where they are? 
Thursday: The challenge of the day was to ideally make a 5 second video or if not send in a photo of them joining in with the clap for heroes at 8pm tonight. Here is our compilation video to share on facebook. 
Friday: For today’s challenge we asked the children to choose another life skill to complete. What great things they are able to do!