Summer Week 1 - WB: 20/04/2020

Monday: As part of the ongoing awareness of COVID19 and our generation being known in many years to come for their actions of staying safe. Today's challenge was to list what could go into a time capsule. 
Tuesday: Today we got musical, listening to one of our favourite songs and making a  note of the instruments we could hear. 
Wednesday: One of our most popular dojo challenges are those that make use of our daily walks and get our families active and creative in their gardens. So the Bug Hotel task today was perfect!
Thursday: It’s absolutely important for children to learn more than just academically. What better time to practice a life skill than when we are in our homes all of the time. For today’s challenge we asked our pupils to choose a life skill from the grid to have a go at. 
Friday: Due to all the sunshine we've been having we thought we would take our artwork outdoors. Today the children were asked to have a go at creating shadow art. Either using shadows that they find or creating their own with different toys, objects, or even their own shadow.