Online Celebration Assemblies 2021

Again, during this lockdown for COVID 19 we have not been able to celebrate all the wonderful work the children have been doing in our weekly Family Worship. So the staff have got together and will be posting an Online Celebration Assembly each week at 9am with merits awarded for great work and SPARKLE awards on Facebook. Their certificates will be delivered the following week. 
Friday 1st May: 
Merits: Ella, Neve, Bella Rose, Robson, Freya, Nicole, 
Jayce, Tyler, Angelo, Mason, Harry and Alexis
Sparkle: Lucas, Harry, Logan, Georgie, Arron and Katie 

Friday 15th January:

Merits: Phoenix, Rose, Marcie, Taylor, Dominica, Leo,

Harley, Jayden B,  Skye, Zack, Alfie, Leah

Sparkle: Frankie, Mark, Niamh, Alfred, Eva, Thomas, Robyne

Friday 22nd  January:

Merits: Lily, Indie, Charlie, Harry, Amie, Nylah

Liam, Lydia, Roseann, Libby Ellen, Heidi, Logan and Tyler

Sparkle: Rosie, Charlotte, Maisie, Bailey H, Jacob and Grace Y

Friday 29th January

Merits: Jacob, Milly B, Thea, James, Jessica, Daisy

Bailey R, Frankie, George, Eva, Taylor-Leigh and Porscha

Sparkle: Faith, Nicole, Alex, Harleigh, Poppy and Taylor S

Friday 5th February

Merits: Navneet, Willow, Archie, Charlie W,  Olivia, Zak

Ethan, Jesse, Amelia, Lucie, Ayden and Grace B

Sparkle: Neve, Lara Lee, Alfie, Matilda, Emma and Sophia

Friday 12th February

Merits: Theia, Ella, Mark, Charlotte, Freya, Alex,

Korey, Avneet, Lucy, Kristian, Riley and Amelia

Sparkle: Rose, Mary-Jayne, Owen, Noah, Amelia and Dillon

Friday 26th February

Merits: Rosie, Hayden, Mark, Nicole, Dominica, Naimh,

Alfred, Harley, Thomas, Izzie, Evie, Jayden.

Sparkle: Lily, Archie, Maisie, Alice, Elliott, Joshua

Friday 5th March

Merits: Jacob, Lucas, Robson, Archie, Amie, Logan

Bailey H, Harleigh, Y3 pod, George, Grace and Katie

Sparkle: Milly B, Bella Rose, Year 1 pod, Frankie, Roseann and Harry