Chestnut Class (Year 3)

Welcome to Chestnut Class
Chestnut Class is a  Year 3 class. Miss Conroy is the class teacher Monday to Wednesday, and Mrs Metcalfe is the class teacher Wednesday to Friday. They have the shared support of our apprentice Miss Clapperton. 
Autumn term 1
This half term we have enjoyed doing some of our science lessons in the outdoor areas. We have been learning all about forces, such as magnets, friction, gravity, air and water resistance.  At the forest we talked about gravity finding things that had fallen from trees and learnt about air-resistance by dropping different objects at the same time and observing how they fell to the ground. We also used compasses to navigate around the forest area learning about the use of magnets to help determine the north and south poles.  
Friday 25th September
Chestnut had great fun today learning about the Netherlands. Lots of us came to school with a fact to share such as, what is the capital of Holland? Do you know? It begins with A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We learned how to count to 10 and shared some greetings and Dutch words with our friends. There was a divide in our appreciation of Dutch food we all seemed to enjoy the Edam cheese but there were lots of expressive faces when we tasted the liquorice. To compliment our persuasive writing topic we created colourful, emotive and descriptive posters all about the Netherlands to entice people to visit. 
Chestnut on lockdown!
Due to unforeseen circumstances Chestnut class began their October half term early. But that did not stop them from continuing their hard work and making us all proud. Creating abstract art inspired by the forest and our forces topic, writing about the Foolish witch, creating their own exercise moves and practising their maths skills, Chestnut have been really busy. Well done Chestnut!
Autumn 2 - Christmas party
The children have had lots of fun at our Christmas party where we played 'pass the parcel' 'musical bumps' 'musical statues' and 'Christmas corners.'  We also enjoyed lots of dancing and getting some treats.
Spring Term 1
Lockdown 2!
Even though we haven't been at school Chestnut have been working so hard. Learning multiplication and practising their 4 and 8 times tables. Asking and answering questions about the Antarctic, the story of Mulan and using inverted commas for speech. Not only that, they have been taking part in our daily Dojo challenges and learning a new dance. We have been super busy and I am so proud of all their efforts. Well done Chestnut!
Spring 1 week 6
Snow days!
How lucky we have been to have had a fabulous week of snow fun and hopefully it will continue in the half term. Thank you for sharing your family snow fun pictures it has really cheered me up.
We're back in school!
We have had a wonderful first week back with everyone getting stuck back in to all their work. Well done Chestnut you have been learning about the Amazon rainforest and saving the orangutans. We have also been celebrating Easter and thinking about why Christians celebrate such a sad time. 
Summer 1
This term our topic is 'Courageous Castles' and the children have been sharing their knowledge of what they already know about castles. We have been learning about the Percy family and their coats of arms using their examples to create our own and then, just like the Percy family, we joined our coats of arms together by cutting them in half and sharing them with our partner.