Willow Class (Year 4)

Welcome to Willow Class
Willow Class is a Year 4 class. Mrs Chapman is the class teacher. They have support from our teaching assistant Miss Gray. 
On Wednesdays  afternoon, Miss Gray takes them swimming  whilst the class teacher has their PPA time. 
Willow Class
Our weekly timetable is as follows:
WEDNESDAY - Year 4 go swimming in the afternoon and should bring their swimming kits with them to change at Morpeth.
THURSDAY - reading books are taken in and changed and reading is logged for the reading ladder.
Also, this is our PE day: children should come to school in their PE kits. 
FRIDAY - we have a forest school session in the afternoon with Miss Gray so wellies are needed in school. ALSO Reading books come home and spellings are completed and reset. 
Welcome to Willow Class
Monday 26th September - European Day of Languages
We had a wonderful day learning about everything Greek. Our day started by having food tasting of Greek food on the yard. WE then looked at pictures of Greece and considered where in the world it may be and how it's climate is different to ours. After break we then watched some videos and looked at PowerPoints to learn about customs and traditions as well as adding to our own facts we had brought in from home. We then created posters of our knowledge and decorated our core values written using the Greek alphabet. Finally we learnt a traditional dance to Zorba the Greek which we showed to the other classes. 
Tuesday 4th October - Alnwick Castle 
What a wonderful day we had at Alnwick Castle, reinforcing all our understanding about castle defences and methods of attack. We started by having a tour of the castle grounds then split to go around the state rooms and play at the knight's quest. After lunch we checked out the 3D model of Alnwick Castle from the past and did a workshop reenacting storming the barbican. We were delighted to all get our own commemorative coin like the Scottish would have paid as ransom to get released for the jail in the keep. 
Tuesday 8th November - Sunderland Glass Centre
As a launch to our 'feel the force' science topic, the children all went to Sunderland Glass Centre. Whilst there they made their own fused glass tiles that will be collected later in the term after they have bee heated in the kiln. They also watched a glass blowing demonstration where the exert made a snowman. In the afternoon they did a range of changing states experiments, building their understanding of solids and liquids as well as soluble and insoluble substances. 
WB: Monday 14th November - Interfaith Week (Sikhism)
What a wonderful time we have had learning about the Sikh religion. The week started learning about the Gurdwara, their place of worship. They then met Jaswinda from the North Sikh Community, he taught us all about the Golden Temple, their selfless acts and importance of music amongst many other things. The following day we learnt all about Guru Granth Sahib, their special book which teaches them their way of life. Later they found out about the 5ks and how they have important relevance to Sikhs, As light is often an important part of many religions, the children listened to the story of Mandi Chhor Diva and how he liberated prisoners and is celebrated for bringing light. 
The final day was action packed with the opportunity for Henna patterns, Bhangra dancing and eating a communal meal - which was helped greatly by a specialist dancer and very kind family members of a child in our class who we are fortunate enough providing the henna and food. 
Friday 20th January - Multi skills final 
We were delighted to have been shortlisted for the  Northumberland School Games Multi skills final. We joined on zoom having practised some of the challenges through the week. The children had to do:
- Shuttle run, weaving in between the cones as fast as they could 
- Holding a balance on one foot for up to 60 seconds 
- Working in pairs to pass a ball over and under to each other 
- Passing beanbags between two spots using  alternate hands in a bridge position
- AND THE MYSTERY CHALLENGE: passing a ball around the world, back to ack with a partner. 
The children all did amazingly, shoring great team spirit, resilience and determination, they encouraged each other throughout and all made vast improvements from when we started the challenges earlier last term. 
Total superstars!