Willow Class (Year 3 and 4)

Welcome to Willow Class
Willow Class is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class. Mrs Chapman is the class teacher and she has the the shared support of our HLTA Mrs Cessford and apprentice Miss Carr
On Wednesdays when the Year 3/4 children go swimming Mrs Chapman will be out the class and the class will be supervised by our HLTA Mrs Cessford as lead and several other teaching assistants and parent helpers.
Monday 24th September 
To day we had the opportunity to complete an archeological dig at Cresswell. We went in the afternoon adn had a great time exploring the Pele Tower, having a tour of the site and having a chance to do some archeology. All the children had a dig in a trench and found arteacts to bring home which they washed and had identified. It was great fun and luckily faboulous weather! 
Tuesday 25th September 
A fantastic consolidation of our topic learning today by visiting Alnwick Castle. The children were busy from start to finish learning how to be a knight in order to storm the barbican, having a tour by myself of the castle grounds and asking questions in the state rooms to widen their understanding of what it is like to be the Duke of Northumberland. Thier behaviour was excellent, I was so proud of all of them. 
Friday 19th October
The children have loved our 'How to grain a dragon' literacy unit, as a conclusion  we have been using an ipad 'puppet edu'  to make our dragon descriptions come to life. Here are a couple of our favourites. 
Friday 18th January 
What a lovely time we had celebrating Winnie the Pooh Day. The children all brought in either their favourite Winie the Pooh friend or a treasured teddy in for the day. They wrote some lovely descriptive poetry about thier teddies and had a great day giving them cuddles especially during peer massage. 
Tuesday 29th January
As part of our Cool World topic, the children have been watching Frozen Planet. Today they learnt about the effects of global warming on the polar regiosna dn used Morfo to share the problems faceing the polar bears as the temperatures continue to rise.  Here a re a couple of examples. 
Thursday 28th February
The children have been very interested in the palm oil rang -tan video. Wevhave studied the poem, learnt facts about the animal and used it as a vehicle for great descriotive writing and persuasive texts. Here are the class perfoming their retelling in groups of the poem. 
If you would like to watch the original it can be viewed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdpspllWI2o
Thursday 4th April 
Throughout the whole term we have been conducting a science experiment on the window sill. Testing the theory that plants grow towards the sun. The children did some great reflective sentences about their findings and we used our new app clips to present the findings, 
Thursday 23rd May
Following our latest Literacy unit, the children have been writing a transmission home from space as if they are stranded. They thought very carefully about the emotive language and performance techniques. We recorded some using our new app to look like a space person. Hope you like them.