The Arts

Intent for the Arts

Our aim is to provide a high-quality and authentic Arts education for our pupils, which covers a variety of arts, crafts, drama, design, dance and music to inspire pupils to innovate and develop a creative understanding. We will offer pupils opportunities and experiences that will stimulate a love for the arts in a meaningful and continuous process that they will remember and aspire to throughout their school life and beyond. It is our responsibility to engage our pupils and expose them to different artistic movements, artists and artwork from history and the modern world to help broaden their horizons and to achieve their God given potential regardless of their starting point in life and home environment.

Our art and design curriculum is a challenging and purposeful progression of skills starting in the early years and continuing throughout their learning journey at Grange View. It focuses on communicating ideas through the creation of artwork either individually or as a collective; applying techniques of drawing, painting, sculpture and printing, or adopting the interests of the pupils and teachers as a means to support innovation and enjoyment for this subject. All this is underpinned by a developing knowledge of the arts through a growing vocabulary and understanding of the tools, techniques and movements that have led to where we are today. In music we follow the Charanga online program, which covers all aspects of the national curriculum, to listen and appraise, perform with song and instruments, improvisation and composition. 

Our overall intent is that art and design, and at times music, will support all subjects through a cross curricular approach allowing topics a creative stimulus. Not only will pupils gain a strong knowledge of the arts, its processes and their application, as well as becoming reflective practitioners evaluating and improving their work through critical appraisal, but they will also have opportunity to take risks and experiment with techniques and ideas in a safe and inclusive environment.

Important Documents for the Arts

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Summer term 2020
Sadly, Grange View had to close during the spring term and only saw a few children return in the summer. But that didn't stop us from learning and creating. We were so impressed with the hard work and commitment of the children and families and enjoyed seeing lots of their art work and creative activities that we all got involved with. 
Peace pole placed perfectly
Today, we had the community peace pole placed in the school grounds. It's been delayed but it finally takes pride of place near the path entrance where the picnic benches are. 
I hope that on your return to school you will enjoy it as much as we do. 
March 2020
Community Peace Pole!
Grange View were included in a community project to create a wooden peace pole to be placed in the school grounds. Our Art Ambassadors helped with the design ideas and we worked together to create a design that symbolises our school ethos and included symbols of peace and the words 'May peace prevail on Earth'. 
January 2020
KS2 getting to work with an artist
During the Spring term Chestnut and Willow were fortunate to work with the local artist, Katherine Renton,  over two weeks as part of their Maya Civilisation topic. Inspired by the animal artwork and colourful details of the Mayans, the classes, looked at British animals and others from around the world for inspiration as well as all the colour variations available to them to create fantastic clay models. There were bats, fish, koala's and even a hamster! Katherine was so impressed by all the creations and we were so proud of how hard the children worked and how well they applied Katherine's techniques to help them.
European Day of Languages
"Hola, from Grangeview"
Today the whole school got involved in everything Spanish and part of this was the opportunity for every class to learn a new dance and perform it. We welcomed Fiona from Little Movers in to school to teach us each a dance. At the end of the day we performed these to the whole school.
Summer 2019
Art week!
Grange View spent the whole week becoming immersed in the arts. We took inspiration from the book 'There's only one you' by Linda Kranz. Each class created a variety of under the sea, fish and seaside themed work that had a underlying message of equality and the celebration of difference. There were sketches, paintings, colourful collage and 3D recycled material fish. We were also very lucky to work with an artist from Northern print each pupil creating their own colourful fish print.