Intent for Science 

At Grange View First School, our teaching of Science for all children is to develop a curiosity and interest in the sciences during their time with us and beyond.   Science is about developing children’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Science teaches children to have care and concern for living and non-living things and promotes curiosity about the world they live in. 

Through the Programme of Study for Science in the National Curriculum, children will develop knowledge, concepts, skills and a positive attitude during their time in Primary school.  Working scientifically is developed throughout their time at Grange View as they progress through each year group, building on their skills and knowledge to allow them to have greater independence in planning and carrying out fair tests.  These tests will allow children to explain concepts using scientific language, build arguments and ask questions showing curiosity about the world. 

Children will be encouraged to collaborate with their peers and teachers will ensure effective communication by giving regular feedback to continue to develop progress.  All children will receive the support to make progress in Science regardless of their abilities or Special Educational Needs.

Important Documents for Science 

Well done to all 55 children who completed our home learning Science challenge during the half term.  (Autumn 2 2020)
*Early Years enjoyed going on a Autumn walk 
*Key Stage One enjoyed exploring things in the house that needs pushed or pulled to create an effect
*Key stage Two children enjoyed making fairground rides that they had designed in class.  

Useful websites and  resources

Science bitesize