Physical Education

Intent for P.E.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality physical education which aids children to physically develop and improve levels of fitness and mobility during their younger years. At Grange View, our physical education programme has been developed to engage children in all forms of sport and games, giving them an understanding of the need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Within the programme, children become equipped with both physical skills and social values, preparing them for their future lives. The children are given opportunities to try different areas of sport, coached by specialist sports leads for each sport or by teachers, and are able to develop a knowledge of various sporting equipment and rules associated with the sport.

The physical education curriculum covers nine key sports areas, with each area having a clear skills progression; physical, cognitive, health and wellbeing and personal. These skills enrich the whole child, which they can build on, preparing them for their future roles. Participation in festivals and tournaments are fun opportunities for the children to consolidate skills acquired during PE lessons and further develop the child in terms of social interaction skill, team skills and leadership.


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Enjoying PE at Grange View

So proud of all the sporting events the children have taken part in throughout the year so far. Included here we have:
Y1 Hula Hooping festival
Y2 Gymnastics festival
Y3 Bench Ball partnership competition
Y4 Gymnastics tournament
and our award winning Trident Footballers.