Intent for Geography 

Our aim is to provide a high-quality geography education for our pupils, which instils a sense of curiosity about the natural and human world and enabling them to develop a greater understanding of the world and their place in it. We will inspire a fascination of the world around us to give our pupils life- skills and aspirations that will remain with them throughout their education and on into adulthood allowing them to achieve their God given potential regardless of their starting point in life and home environment.

Our Geography curriculum focuses on a progression of three key strands, knowledge (locational and place), understanding of the physical and human geography of the world, and skills, which includes the use of a wide variety of map styles, observational and field work, investigation and problem-solving. Each key stage will revisit these through a range of themes to ensure the learning is embedded and skills are successfully developed. Reviewing of any gaps in learning ensures it is not only broad and balanced but continually engages the pupils.

Our intention is that geography will support cross curricular learning by teaching skills that are transferable across all subjects and will engage pupils and enrich their experiences in school. Not only will pupils have a strong understanding of their environment and knowledge of the processes involved but through our geography lessons, including fieldwork, we want them to develop creativity, resilience and problem – solving abilities.

Important Documents for Geography 

Useful websites and resources 
Key Stage 2 trip to Newcastle
Part of our trip to Newcastle included a walk along the River Tyne, observing and discussing the changes that have occurred. Our field work observations enabled us to complete a comparison alley back in class discussing the similarities and differences of the River Tyne area using old and new maps.