Curriculum Statement

Our Intent Curriculum Statement:


Grange View welcomes everyone to flourish and thrive.

We are lifelong learners that strive to achieve our God given potential.


Here at Grange View children are immersed in a stimulating and secure environment to enable all to succeed and achieve their full potential. Our personalised curriculum is engaging and meaningful. It enriches children’s knowledge of the world and prepares them for their lifelong educational journey.


We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum which is organised on a two year cycle throughout the whole school. The curriculum has been mastered to include children’s interests, consideration of our local context and planned carefully to address current priorities in our school. We believe a thematic sequence of learning supports our children to apply transferable skills and embed a secure understanding of all subjects within the curriculum. We do this by providing experiences that challenge them, develop their problem solving skills and help them respond positively to problems or mistakes. We want our pupils to be independent, resilient and confident learners.


Our curriculum plan has been well designed to grow caring citizens who value the world we live in and celebrate moments of awe and wonder. We utilise our outdoor environment and local context to enrich learning and give real life experiences. An understanding of what life is like in and beyond Northumberland, in Britain and in other parts of the world is built within our curriculum. We want our children, who come from a variety of backgrounds and have different needs, to have equal opportunities, to learn tolerance, respect and be ambitious.


It offers opportunities for collective reflections and inspires spiritual development that shapes daily lives and helps our children to form values which will allow them to make moral choices throughout their lives, not just during their school years. We want to raise every child’s aspirations so they are ready to embrace new challenges in their next stage of education.


Reading, writing, oracy and mathematics are embedded in Early Years and built upon throughout their time at Grange View with ambitious and clear end points. This is designed to inspire, stimulate and build resilience to ensure children have the opportunities to be successful throughout their lives. We have a carefully devised skills progression for each subject that ensures core knowledge and vocabulary are revisited through a spiral curriculum at appropriate levels throughout their time in school.


In the current modern world we live in, we need to educate the children to embrace technology and use it carefully. Technology is used across all subjects on a daily basis and through digital literacy they know how to stay safe.


We work in partnership with home, school, church and the wider community to celebrate our Grange View children and jointly showcase their knowledge, articulacy, respect and ambition.