Chestnut Class (Year 3/4)

Welcome to Chestnut Class
Chestnut Class is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class. Miss Belk is the class teacher, she has the assistance of Miss Gray as inclusive support for an individual child and the shared support of our HLTA Mrs Cessford and apprentice Miss Carr. 
On Wednesdays when the Year 3/4 children go swimming Miss Belk will be out the class and the class will be supervised by our HLTA Mrs Cessford as lead and several other teaching assistants and parent helpers.
NSPCC fundraising 15th November
Chestnut have been raising money for NSPCC. We took part in lots of different exercises on the yard so that people could sponsor us. We did activities such as skipping, throwing and catching and using the markings on the yard to have races. We had lots of fun raising the money.
Anti-bullying Workshop 15th November
Chestnut had a visitor come in and talk to the class about what anti-bullying week is about. They played our made-up scenarios and discussed what would be the best thing to do in those situations. The children took lots from this workshop and enjoyed it very much. It made us think about looking out for one another in our class and for other children across the school
Inter-Faith week (12th November-16th November)
In Chestnut we have been learning about Buddhism for our interfaith week. On Monday we learned a dance with Erin the dance teacher related to Buddhism, then we performed it to the whole school! We learnt about how Buddhism was created and how Buddhists live their lives. We read new stories and poems to do with Buddhism and created our own poems inspired by these poems. We also create posters to tell our friends all about Buddhism and their way of life. 
Tuesday 25th September - Alnwick Castle Visit
What a superb day we had! Jam packed from the beginning, we got to:
Reenact an invasion on the castle - Celts vs. English.
Play medieval games in the knights quest, and get to walk through the scary dragons quest!
In the afternoon we had a whistle stop tour of inside the keep and also the outside of the keep around the inner and outer bailey! We had so much fun and learned so many new things! We even remembered some topic work that we had started in class!  
Monday 24th September - Cresswell Archaeological dig
What a brilliant morning we had! When we arrived we were split into three groups. One group was taken on a tour around the site and into the Pele tower at Cresswell - we are very lucky as not many people get to go inside. The second group were digging like real archaeologists! Using trowels they were in a trench, looking to see what they could find. The last group then had to wash the finds with a toothbrush, keeping them nice and clean. We then even got to keep some of our finds. It was great fun!