Acorns (Nursery)

Welcome to Acorn Class
Acorns is our Nursery Class. The unit is overseen by our EYFS lead Mrs Waters, with the assistance of Mrs Swordy, Mrs Tait, Miss Bell, Miss Gutherson, Mrs Connolly, Mrs Henderson and Miss Clapperton. The majority of children attend for the three hour morning session, although some families do access the 30 hours per week. Our curriculum is based on learning through play and the children thrive in this environment.
Important Information
Please bring water bottles, wellies, spare clothes and a coat to school. 
Wednesday - Forest School
Friday - Little Movers PE 
AUTUMN 1 All About Me
During our first half term we celebrated African Art Week which was lots of fun! We made some African Lion Art and some lion face fridge magnets to sell as well as doing some African dancing.  Also, the Pearl of Africa were here too which was very exciting!
European Languages Day - Germany
As part of our European Languages Day we immersed ourselves in lots of things German. We tried some German food, made German flags and had fun joining in with some German dancing! We liked some bits more than others.  Not all of the German food was a hit but at least they gave it a go! 
Autumn 2  - Celebrations
As part of our topic of celebrations, we looked at Diwali.  This was very interesting and lots of fun.  We moulded clay into divas, painted and decorated them, made rangoli patterns using different media, made firework pictures and tried some henna art.  We noticed some similarities between some of our celebrations and those in Diwali.  The children loved finding out about other cultures.
When we came back from Christmas, we realised that we had caught something very exciting on our CCTV... a T-Rex.  We saw that she had left us her egg to look after until it hatched.  We spent a couple of days taking care of it until  one night ...  it hatched and ran out of the quad door.  We tracked the foot prints and used our binoculars to try to see where the baby T-Rex had gone.  One of the children spotted it on the roof and then others saw it in the distance, down at the forest area.  We wrote wanted posters and made it birthday cards. After the sighting in the forest we decided to go on a dinosaur hunt.  We were 'going on a dino hunt, we're going to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day, we're not scared ...'
We made some dinosaur biscuits and decorated them with green icing.  We had fun making them but enjoyed eating them even more!
We had lots of fun when the fire service visited! We found out about some of their equipment and had a go at using one of their hoses!! It was awesome!!
Mr Tate visited with his First Responder ambulance. We enjoyed finding out about some of his equipment. We particularly loved seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren.
We were excited to hear all about the mountain rescue service this morning. We didn't realise how much they do! It was interesting to see what equipment they use and to also see the Rescue vehicle that Alan brought.